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Proud show with Stephen Ireland

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Pride in Surrey's core values run through into this radio show celebrating, educating and connecting the LGBTQ+ community and allies in a fun and rememberable way.

Loud and Proud. From 11am till 1pm we have Stephen Ireland here for two hours of a fun filled show. The latest in dance and various guests to make your morning whizz by.

The Proud show from the Pride in Surrey team is hosted each week by Stephen Ireland an LGBTQ+ rights activist who is passionate about ensuring that there is a light shone on the LGBTQ+ community celebrating it, educating those within it and those who don’t understand it and also connecting those who need support to support or indeed each other within their times of need.

Pride in Surrey’s core values run through into this radio show celebrating, educating and connecting the LGBTQ+ community and allies in a fun and rememberable way.

The Proud show is broadcast here on Trans Radio UK every Monday 11-1pm with some interviews or show features.

The Proud show is always welcoming your involvement, reach out via twitter @proudshowuk or get in touch with the Pride in Surrey team via e-mail: [email protected]

Pride in Surrey are a non-profit community organisation part of Surrey LGBTQ Pride CIC, this consists of The Proud Show, /Not Alone, Spread Pride Not Hate, The Surrey Shop, The Directory, Blossom LGBT+ and additional joint ventures with charities such as Mary Frances Trust.

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Proud show with Stephen Ireland team

I’m a post menopausal female. I identify as a sapiosexual married to Rossi (Charlotte). I’m a qualified Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Psychosexual therapist & Life Coach and a manager the Surrey Safe Haven crisis service in the UK. I am interested in all things mental health, offering free online coaching and counselling tothe LGBTQ+ Community in all […]

Norfolk born now in Surrey. I have a screw loose and love making friends. Love comedy, romcoms, crime documentary’s and soaps. Love the LGBTQ+ community. Remember you are always amazing and unique as you are you. Charlotte joined TRUK in March 2024

Greetings TRUK Family! I’m Mister Bailey, but please call me Shaun. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but have lived in Anaheim, California for 34 years. It’s the home of Disneyland and of course the warehouse I work at in Angel Stadium founded by Gene Autry himself.I’ve loved music as a kid before I started […]

I’m Lea, living in Leeds, big Leeds United fan, big Indie n Brit Pop fan, wrangler of 2 small humans, sometimes I write, others I speak enabling lived experience to be heard, shared and held in mind. Non Binary and Pansexual, no stranger to fighting the fight to ensure we are seen and heard. Bit […]

Being a 60s baby the scene was very different than today. I came out at 32, having done what was expected of me, got married, and had a baby. In the mid nineties there was not much help for people struggling with their sexuality. Thankfully things have improved, a bit still not enough which is […]

I loved music from a young age, drove my Dad mad playing records loudly as a teenager and taping the top 40 off the radio! I tried to learn to play an instrument but failed miserably! The drum tutor soon found out I had no coordination and in violin lessons I couldn’t get close enough […]

Rufus, 27, lives in Ayrshire, Scotland. He is a publisher and owner of Ó Donnaile Press and also works as Quartermaster for Serve The People International, providing their food programmes with funding and supplies. Rufus joined TRUK In July 2023

Hi my name’s Danielle, I’m 19 years young and a music lover! My Spotify consists of anything from hyper-pop to indie. Tune in to my show and I’ll wake you up for all the latest celeb gossip, trends and new music! I’ve been doing radio for around a year now, with a passion for Broadcast […]

 **Introducing DJ Trans Sister: Your Guide Through the Vibrant World of Trans Radio UK!** DJ Trans Sister isn’t just a DJ – she’s a musical curator, a beacon of inclusivity, and a voice for the community. Created by the visionary Rachelle Hill, a veteran of community radio, DJ Trans Sister has become a vibrant member of […]

Who is she then? Well here goes…… She is a very talented experienced Entertainer and Radio Presenter/Producer, initially working with ILR and the BBC on various documentary programmes, she also started DJing in many UK clubs from London to Glasgow, after moving overseas she also broadcasted in Ibiza, Majorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria, where she […]

Alpha joined TRUK in January 2023

Introducing Neoborn Caveman, co-host and producer of the hit radio show “Neoborn And Andia Human Show” on TRUK (Trans Radio UK). Tune in every Friday from 2pm-4pm to catch his unique perspective on the world and chart-topping podcast with listeners from 169 countries. Dubbing himself an alien or purple rabbit, Neoborn rejects the “obnoxious nonsense […]

Andia is a career music artist, a singing trans drummer and multi disciplined songwriter with well defined skills and interests in the creative field. Where live music is the preferred choice, original recorded music in the genre of Glitch-Punk Big-Beat is her speciality.  A good communicator from London that lives in Finland, she takes interest […]

Hi! I’m Mae! I’m a Transgender Boredom Ender with a passion for LGBTQ+ rights and LED lights! I’ve spent a lot of my life immersed in various electronic devices – heck, I even built my own computer – and thus my music taste strays pretty deep into electronic music, mostly as a consequence from listening […]

54 year Tv Amanda has been around for at least 45 of those years, Ex Army trying to prove I am someone else lasted 12 years and nope nothing changed, still Amanda lol. So I started my DJ’ing back in 1984 Robotic dancing for a local mobile Disco when it was a thing and progressed […]

When I was twelve years old, I saw rock’n’roll future and its name was Bruce Springsteen. That one concert changed my life, sparking a love of music that drove me into a wide range of genres, rock, folk, Americana, country, jazz, blues, motown, prog rock, EBM, synthwave… This is my first time being a DJ, […]

Céad Míle Fáilte(A Hundred Thousand Irish Welcomes)I am the creator of ‘The Independent Music Show’ which does exactly what it says on the tin. I will be playing the Independent Music of artists and writers from All Over The World. ‘The Independent Music Show’ features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever […]

Hi there, and welcome to the world of a distinguished queer spoonie. My name is Theodora; I’m a bestselling author, graphic artist, and activist. For the best part of a decade, I’ve been writing news articles about the LGBTQ community and advocating for human rights. Over the past five years, I’ve worked as a presenter […]

Fred is your resident neurodivergent, non-binary meme connoisseur, and university graduate. Specialising in broadcasting and its associated technologies at university and a big media nerd for well over 5 years; he’ll often be at a desk editing a video or show of some sort, however bizarre… He has an especially musical background, as he was […]

Steffi is executive producer of ShoutOut radio based in Bristol. She is part of the ShoutOut show team but also joins Trans Radio UK with her own show, Saturday Afternoon Live. Steffi joined Trans Radio UK in April 2022

2023 update: I now go by the name Sian Mak (previously Zoe Mak)I’ve been DJ’ing since my teens when my secondary school bizarrely decided to buy some DJ equipment and I immediately volunteered to put on school discos. It wasn’t long before I swapped school discos for house parties, squat parties, local pubs and underground […]

Hi, my name is Anja (pronounced Ann-Ya) and my pronouns are she/her. I was born and raised in East Yorkshire but I have lived and worked most of my life since 16 in the South West of the UK. After listening to TRUK for years, I have recently been able to get involved and ‘paying […]

Neil grew up in the 70s and 80s, finding their musical family at the legendary Le Phonographic (The Phono) in Leeds, it was here they fist found acceptance as a non-binary person however the language at the time didn’t exist. Since then they have gone on to broaden their musical tastes beyond goth and post […]

Hi Everyone! I’m DJ Bear, I started DJing on my local hospital radio station at the age of 13 and went on to DJ in clubs and bars professionally for well over 25 years. My taste in music is extremely eclectic so on my shows you’ll never really know what you might get. That said […]

Vi, She/Her, is a Trans Filmmaker, DJ and Witch based in South Wales, dealing only in the heaviest riffs this side of Pluto.

I became a volunteer radio presenter in 2018 but have always loved music. My music taste is wide ranging but my favourites are electronic dance music, especially house, and indie and rock. I was born in the south of England but have lived in the Far North of Scotland for 18 years. I realised I was non-binary in 2016 and it was a relief to find the language to finally understand myself. The LGBT+ community is very small where I live, and I hope by being part of the Trans Radio UK family I can show others they are not on their own, wherever they are.

Risk, aka Hannah, is a 40 year old woman of trans experience living in Ontario, Canada. She loves music, occasionally her own, which she makes in various styles. She’s made some movies, and written some stories, and always leans heavily into the arts. Risk joined TRUK in November 2021

Hi, I am Phoenix, and my pronouns are she/her. I have been an LGBTQ+ advocate from an early age, as well as advocating for the rights of other communities. I am proud to have founded LGBWithTheT Twitter account that advocates for all LGB & T people as one community, which I am so pleased to […]

I’m Kevin and as you will undoubtedly hear I hail from the Emerald Isle, before moving to London 25 years ago. I’ve always been passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and have been campaigning for as long as I can remember. My life changed dramatically during lockdown, when I decided to have a change in career direction and set up The LGBTQ+ Shop and I am loving every minute of it. Not only is it lots of fun but it gives me the opportunity to raise much needed funds for charities I’m passionate about like The Sussex Beacon, a charity which helps people living with HIV. Indeed, it was the Hazell Dean ‘Always’ line and her introduction to the team which led me to become involved with Trans Radio UK.

Paula joined TRUK in May 2021

Amanda joined TRUK in May 2021

Hi, I'm MG, one of the newer TRUK presenters. I am a lifelong listener to, and lover of all genres of music from metal to jazz, country to pop, and rap to classical. I have also sung and played guitar in bands, and had a very brief, unsuccessful dalliance with the saxophone!

This is a community run radio show, based in Bristol. Their show brings you all the LGBT information you need on a weekly basis.

I am an LGBTQ+ rights activist who is passionate about ensuring that there is a light shone on the LGBTQ+ community celebrating it, educating those within it and those who don't understand it and also connecting those who need support to support or indeed each other within their times of need.

Currently working PT as a teacher. Previous jobs include, butchers apprentice, bingo caller, nurse, pub manager, beach side cafe owner, artificial limb developer and cook

My main occupation is a bus driver for Bournemouth Transport which is the yellow buses you will see in the area.

I enjoy presenting for Trans Radio UK and enjoy the shows I am involved in, they mean a great deal to me on a personal level

I have been into music for a long time, regularly listening to the charts of the day from the 70s onwards

I went to school at the Blind Institute until aged 11 and when I came to the UK in 1955  went to Linden Lodge school for the blind and then went to the Royal Normal College for the Blind in Shrewsbury, where I learned shorthand/typing and worked in the Civil Service for some time.  

I am passionate about music especially Country and 50,60s even some Pop and Rock

I do love all kinds of music from 60's to present day, R&B, Soul, Jazz Funk, Glam Rock of course, Punk, Bjork, Indie, Celtic Rock, Northern Soul and forgot to mention Reggae & Ska.

From an early age, I have always had a love for a variety of music genres including dance, house (as you experience from the shows I do here) and even RnB, hip pop and rap

Shelley is an international lady of mystery. No-one really knows what she does for a day job, but she seems to get all over the globe, when viruses are not impacting the scheduling.

I love all sorts of music and providing a great entertainment show. Come and tune in every Tuesday at 11am!

Ads joined us in September 2019 and you can hear them on...

I am passionate about classical music, ballet and opera, and through personal experience, know how inspiring music can be. There is nothing like a piece of classical music to elicit emotions in an audience. So, I would say that if you are not a regular listener, come along to the show - you will be surprised!

  Hello my beauties, my name is Stella Moore I am back refreshed after nearly a year off, due to health issues . My favourite genre is Rock whether it’s full blooded Rock, Prog, Punk, Grunge , Rock & Roll, Blues, Goth, and Acoustic Rock. You will hear it all on Monday Night from 10 to 12 on Stella’s Rock Show only on Trans Radio UK.

Hi, I’m Simone Wilson. I’ve played records for others to enjoy for as long as I can remember.

My first experience in radio came around 5 years ago prior to which time I had not ever considered getting involved in it but due to an unexpected series of turn of events, a show that I was enthusiastically listening to every week, I found myself presenting.

I was born and raised in Manchester, where I gained my love of The Blues by regularly attending the legendary “Band On The Wall”. I gained her love of classic soul thanks to her sister letting her have her old Stax and Motown records.

I'm a Scottish DJ, through most of the 80s, who's worked in hospital radio and was involved with one of the first U.K. lottery funded transgender support groups in 90s and early 2000s.

I'm Lucy a presenter on TRUK and also the founder! My first foray into radio was when I set up a Non League radio station in 2005 as it was frustrating not being able to get the results of lower league football. This was a success from day one

I have always loved music for as long as I can remember, my dad was a DJ in the 60's, driving to gigs on his Triumph motorbike with a speaker strapped to his back, he also plays the accordion and piano, I played the flute, piano, recorder (of course!)

Proud show with Stephen Ireland crew

I am an LGBTQ+ rights activist who is passionate about ensuring that there is a light shone on the LGBTQ+ community celebrating it, educating those within it and those who don't understand it and also connecting those who need support to support or indeed each other within their times of need.