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Hi, I am Claire.

My first experience in radio came around 5 years ago prior to which time I had not ever considered getting involved in it but due to an unexpected series of turn of events, a show that I was enthusiastically listening to every week, I found myself presenting.  This also came at around the time I was coming out to the world as transgender so radio presenting has always been a very positive focus for me during a time of great change in my life.

I also enjoy being as active as possible, to make up for spending the daytimes in a desk-based job. I enjoy getting out running, walking and cycling – and any holidays or weekends away are usually planned to fit in with orienteering or running events. My proudest achievement is to have completed two London Marathons – in 2017 and 2019 – having needed the 2 years in between to recover from the first one.

Finally, I like following the fortunes of my local football team – Lincoln City FC.




Claire joined TRUK in June 2020