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Anja Jurgenssen (she/her)

Hi, my name is Anja (pronounced Ann-Ya) and my pronouns are she/her.
I was born and raised in East Yorkshire but I have lived and worked most of my life since 16 in the South West of the UK.
After listening to TRUK for years, I have recently been able to get involved and ‘paying it back’ for the help TRUK has unknowingly provided to me and most probably hundreds if not
thousands of others. You’ll find me remotely working behind the scenes at TRUK, most probably huddled over a keyboard somewhere which is where I like to be. I enjoy working with tech and helping
TRUK develop their podcast catalogue which is for me, a very rewarding experience. The best bit is, if you miss a show or you can’t tune in live, then you can still listen anywhere,
whilst doing something else at the same time.

My interests in music vary wildly from EDM, pop to classical and yes, that includes opera too. When I have the time, I like travel around the UK and the EU, mainly as an excuse to attend classical, ballet and opera performances. Volunteering has enabled me to make available various skills to the Trans and gender diverse communities as well as those looking to support us. I have volunteered on various academic and NHS research/consultation projects, one being the national surgical pathways process. 2022 has started as a very active year for me and in January 2022 after months of learning with other UK & EU advocates, I completed the TGEU Trans Leaders Academy course. This is to help with offering to support other Trans and gender diverse people and allies in my local area.

In February 2022 it was a privilege to be part of a Trans team of women to undertake a 1,000km virtual challenge. This is the equivalent of running, cycling, swimming and rowing from the Triton & Mermaid statue in Vienna Austria, to The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen Denmark. Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors and the continued support from TRUK, the team raised over £800 in aid of the UK Trans children’s charity Mermaids. There has been talk of another challenge but, let’s see.

Anja joined the TRUK team in March 2022