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Hi everyone, I am Samantha Jane (or Sammi), presenter of the Classic Hour on TRUK.

I am passionate about classical music, ballet and opera, and through personal experience, know how inspiring music can be. There is nothing like a piece of classical music to elicit emotions in an audience. So, I would say that if you are not a regular listener, come along to the show – you will be surprised!

Outside of TRUK, I have spent my whole working career in the Space Industry – so yes, I would guess you could say I am a “rocket scientist”. I am lucky enough to have been employed in the USA and Europe and worked on many space missions to places such as Venus. I even spent time working with astronauts on the US space shuttle.

In between rocket science and radio work, I also write articles on subjects of interest to trans people. I have a regular column in the Beaumont Society magazine (the biggest trans group in the UK) and frequently have articles featured online by various trans organisations. My blog is also featured on the GenderGP website.

I live in the Arctic (Sweden), which means in my spare time I get to be outdoors a lot, whether it’s hiking, mountaineering, skiing or snowmobiling. When it’s too cold to go out I play around with dressmaking and making models.

As you can see, I am not short of things to do, but I do like a challenge!


Sammi joined TRUK in February 2020