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Is a pop up hour (or an hour minus adverts) coming into your ears, talking about music, drag, performance and pretty much anything else. The music always comes from my core playlist called “No Cis White Men” – it’s a lot of Black/POC artists of all genders, with white trans and non-binary peeps as well. It does tend to feature the mid-2000’s a bit – though thanks to helping out with Queer House Party events I have been exposed to so much more music in the past 2 years – and have some interesting niches to explore.
The conversation is about why music matters, why I like a piece, how in some cases it makes me think about a performance, it also covers what’s going on in the world, in my life,┬álike working as an openly non-binary person who is a consultant in a technology firm / life in general including the fun of solo poly.
The notion of Queer Nuisance comes from Sarah Ahmed, one of the two queer lectures I have been to.

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