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Stella Paris I am an illusion


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Get your exclusive signed copy of Stella Paris new book I am an Illusion.

This book is much more than a personal diary about her first year as a transgender woman. Written from the heart, it is a book about how, inside all of us, is the person we have always wanted to be. We glimpse this ‘us’ when we are children. We say that we want to be an astronaut or a singer, a pilot or a doctor. For many of us this dream gets buried under the weight of daily life. The real message of this book is about what it is like to tear down one’s internal walls, to leap, to trust yourself and to become the person that you always wanted to be. Along the way Stella combines the wisdom of Einstein and the words of Coldplay with poetry, photographs, stories, and the wisdom of her beloved grandmother. By allowing the reader to see things from a new perspective she generates an appreciation of all living things and allows you to feel good about yourself and others.


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