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The G&T Show – 21st August 2022

August 21, 2022


Kevin and Phoenix are back for another episode of the G&T show. As usual Kevin takes us to the very edge (CW/TW) discussing some important topics. Not for the faint hearted.

0.00.03 – 0.00.42       Introduction to the station
0.00.42 – 0.02.17       Introduction to the G&T Show
0.02.17 – 0.13.40       G&T Show Part I: Andrew Farr as Edith Piaf, Beards, Weather, French Supplies. Was this an offer Kevin couldn’t refuse? The Monkey Pox Vaccine.
0.13.40 – 0.15.48       Break
0.15.48 – 0.32.28       G&T Show Part II: LGBTQIA Hate Crimes
* CW/TW: Descriptions of serious & sexual assault * Twins, The Police & TRUK Listens.
0.32.28 – 0.32.44       Break
0.32.44 – 0.59.05       G&T Show Part III: Bath tap photographs, Judge overrules UTAH Trans sports ban, #posharrondavies, get well soon Matthew Hodson, The Vicar, Undertaker, Maisie Trollette & The HIV house, The Sussex Beacon, Terence Higgins Trust, Ireland & HIV, The Media & Monkey Pox & Snow-White Trash the Drag Queen