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Your TRUK Team

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This is a community run radio show, based in Bristol. Their show brings you all the LGBT information you need on a weekly basis.

Dave joined TRUK February 2021

Hi, I'm MG, one of the newer TRUK presenters. I am a lifelong listener to, and lover of all genres of music from metal to jazz, country to pop, and rap to classical. I have also sung and played guitar in bands, and had a very brief, unsuccessful dalliance with the saxophone!

Amanda joined TRUK in May 2021

Paula joined TRUK in May 2021

So here’s me I’m Ian AKA DJWhaters, music producer and DJ I class Myself as a trance DJ but I don’t really play mainstream Trance tracks as I prefer music that has been sliced & diced to twist peoples perception of what they are listening too. My preference in music is Frenchcore or Gabber but […]

I’m Kevin and as you will undoubtedly hear I hail from the Emerald Isle, before moving to London 25 years ago. I’ve always been passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and have been campaigning for as long as I can remember. My life changed dramatically during lockdown, when I decided to have a change in career direction and set up The LGBTQ+ Shop and I am loving every minute of it. Not only is it lots of fun but it gives me the opportunity to raise much needed funds for charities I’m passionate about like The Sussex Beacon, a charity which helps people living with HIV. Indeed, it was the Hazell Dean ‘Always’ line and her introduction to the team which led me to become involved with Trans Radio UK.

I’m Kestral, a transgender activist, producer, and writer from the United Kingdom with an obsession for baking bread on the side. I spend most of my time working on building a better world through education, technology, and the arts, but occasionally find time to sit down in front of a microphone to attempt to be entertaining.

Thomas is a full time audio production student. In between studying, making short films and now his hyperpop themed radio show with TRUK he enjoys working on his own music. Specifically that one ep he started over a year ago and just can’t quite get around to finishing. Will it ever be done? Who knows.He […]

Hi, I am Phoenix, and my pronouns are she/her. I have been an LGBTQ+ advocate from an early age, as well as advocating for the rights of other communities. I run the LGBWithTheT Twitter account that advocates for all LGB & T people, as one community.I fight endlessly and passionately for the equality and inclusion […]

From the North Coast of Ireland, Jamesy is a law student, activist, ordained minister and events manager who was Chair of the LGBT+ wing of a political party.  Born in 1999 as a middle child of a 12 child family, just one year after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, Jamesy is a child […]

I’m a late bloomer, as I began my transition at the age of 48. After decades of denial. Now that I realize who I really am.  I’m here to help others just staring their journey. I’m also from Texas, US. Jessica joined TRUK in November 2021