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I’m Kevin and as you will undoubtedly hear I hail from the Emerald Isle, before moving to London 25 years ago. I’ve always been passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and have been campaigning for as long as I can remember. My life changed dramatically during lockdown, when I decided to have a change in career direction and set up The LGBTQ+ Shop and I am loving every minute of it. Not only is it lots of fun but it gives me the opportunity to raise much needed funds for charities I’m passionate about like The Sussex Beacon, a charity which helps people living with HIV. Indeed, it was the Hazell Dean ‘Always’ line and her introduction to the team which led me to become involved with Trans Radio UK.

I’m Kestral, a transgender activist, producer, and writer from the United Kingdom with an obsession for baking bread on the side. I spend most of my time working on building a better world through education, technology, and the arts, but occasionally find time to sit down in front of a microphone to attempt to be entertaining.

Hi, I am Phoenix, and my pronouns are she/her. I have been an LGBTQ+ advocate from an early age, as well as advocating for the rights of other communities. I run the LGBWithTheT Twitter account that advocates for all LGB & T people, as one community.I fight endlessly and passionately for the equality and inclusion […]

From the North Coast of Ireland, Jamesy is a law student, activist, ordained minister and events manager who was Chair of the LGBT+ wing of a political party.  Born in 1999 as a middle child of a 12 child family, just one year after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, Jamesy is a child […]

Risk, aka Hannah, is a 40 year old woman of trans experience living in Ontario, Canada. She loves music, occasionally her own, which she makes in various styles. She’s made some movies, and written some stories, and always leans heavily into the arts. Risk joined TRUK in November 2021

I became a volunteer radio presenter in 2018 but have always loved music. My music taste is wide ranging but my favourites are electronic dance music, especially house, and indie and rock. I was born in the south of England but have lived in the Far North of Scotland for 18 years. I realised I was non-binary in 2016 and it was a relief to find the language to finally understand myself. The LGBT+ community is very small where I live, and I hope by being part of the Trans Radio UK family I can show others they are not on their own, wherever they are.

I worked as a presenter for BBC local radio on music shows in the 70's interviewing groups like queen, when they were a support act, Slade, lots of beers with those boys backstage, Mott the Hoople, I've seen Mick Hunter without the shades, and sooo many more. Then went to US and worked for radio stations in LA and the west coast, which was very different to the beeb but its where I learnt  a great deal. In the UK I worked in production on many tv programmes including Top of the Pops in the early 80s and could tell you some tales, but of course.... I wont !

I've been collecting music on vinyl since people were dumping it for CD. I've found wild, weird and wondrous records of all kinds over the years, and I love sharing those sounds.

Vi, She/Her, is a Trans Filmmaker, DJ and Witch based in South Wales, dealing only in the heaviest riffs this side of Pluto.

Sam, They/Them, Filmmaker, Musician, Seaside bog creature and trash person extraordinaire, bringing you the duttiest tunes on the third rock from the Sun

Hi Everyone! I’m DJ Bear, I started DJing on my local hospital radio station at the age of 13 and went on to DJ in clubs and bars professionally for well over 25 years. My taste in music is extremely eclectic so on my shows you’ll never really know what you might get. That said […]

I started presenting with Russ just before the end of January 2022. And I really enjoyed it! Although I have previous experience with hospital bedside radio in October 2018. In 2021 I did a guest radio show on Radio Solent with Steve Harris.