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I do love all kinds of music from 60's to present day, R&B, Soul, Jazz Funk, Glam Rock of course, Punk, Bjork, Indie, Celtic Rock, Northern Soul and forgot to mention Reggae & Ska.

Shelley is an international lady of mystery. No-one really knows what she does for a day job, but she seems to get all over the globe, when viruses are not impacting the scheduling.

I love all sorts of music and providing a great entertainment show. Come and tune in every Tuesday at 11am!

I am passionate about classical music, ballet and opera, and through personal experience, know how inspiring music can be. There is nothing like a piece of classical music to elicit emotions in an audience. So, I would say that if you are not a regular listener, come along to the show - you will be surprised!

Hi, I’m Simone Wilson. I’ve played records for others to enjoy for as long as I can remember.

My first experience in radio came around 5 years ago prior to which time I had not ever considered getting involved in it but due to an unexpected series of turn of events, a show that I was enthusiastically listening to every week, I found myself presenting.

I have had a love of music like forever; I started learning music from an early age and listening to the radio with my parents, used to listen to shows like the Goon Show but they mainly loved classical music.

This is a community run radio show, based in Bristol. Their show brings you all the LGBT information you need on a weekly basis.

Dave joined TRUK February 2021

Hi, I'm MG, one of the newer TRUK presenters. I am a lifelong listener to, and lover of all genres of music from metal to jazz, country to pop, and rap to classical. I have also sung and played guitar in bands, and had a very brief, unsuccessful dalliance with the saxophone!

Amanda joined TRUK in May 2021

Paula joined TRUK in May 2021