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Lucy Clark  Shaz Kuiama Ruby Fury  Michelle Anne  Ayako Yamoto Shaz Crompton Gill Sarah Davyna Avril Clark Simiana

Michelle Evans Sophie Parish Kira Bruce

Lucy Clark

Lucy Clark

Lucy is founder of Trans Radio and opened proceedings on 22nd February 2018. She does 4 shows a week and also special one off shows.

Shaz Kuiama

Shaz Kuiama

Shaz joined us on the 4th July 2018 and can be heard 7 days a week with a range of various shows. Oh Yes...

Ruby Fury

Ruby Fury

Ruby joined us on 15th August 2018 and presents the Metal and Goth hour on a Wednesday evening. You will also hear Ruby Fury Specials where we play music she has produced.

Michelle Anne

Michelle Anne

After reporting on Leeds Pride 2018 we talked Michelle into joining us and she did her first show on August 18th 2018. She currently has 3 shows and occasional specials. Tune in to hear Michelle's catchphrase...Hiiiiyyyyaaaa

Ayako Yamato

Ayako Yamoto

Ayako joined us in Jan 2019 and can be heard on a Thursday night playing Punk "n" Goth, new wave alt rock and whatever takes her fancy. Her banzai show is sponsored by

Shaz Crompton

Shaz Crompton

Shaz joined us in February 2019 and can be heard 2 afternoons a week

Gillian Crompton


Gill joined us in February 2019 and her Country and Western show is Monday afternoon

Sarah Armstrong


After covering for Michelle Anne, Sarah Joined us in February 2019 and can be heard Wednesday afternoons with her backtracking through the decades show

Davyna Parker


Davyna joined us in February 2019 and can be heard on Thursday evenings at 10pm with DBParker Presents

Avril Clark

Avril Clark

Avril as worked behind the scenes from the outset and started presenting in April 2019 with Billie for an hour of Chat, fun and music

Simiana Gray


Simiana joined us in March 2019 along with her Transgender Monkey L'Rain...catch Simi on Thursday evenings at 6pm for her Scratchy Old Records Show

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

Michelle joined us in March 2019 and can be heard on Tuesday evenings at 8pm with her Blues and Soul Show

Sophie Parish

Sophie Parish

Sophie presents the Trans Truckers show which can be heard Wednesday's at 6pm. Sophie joined us in April 2019

Kira Tinto


Kira joined us in April 2019 and has a back to the 80's show on Tuesdays at 8pm

Bruce B Hills


 Bruce was with us through the Summer of 2018 and rejoined our team in May 2019. Join Bruce on Monday nights for great music and Fitness Tips

DJ Chromian

Dj Chromian joined us in April 2019 and has a Saturday night show with Trap, remixes and Bass.

Billie Hawkins

Billie joined us in April 2019. Her show with Avril is on Monday's at 6pm for of chat, fun and music

Past DJ's

Although the are no longer with us we would like to thank Holly Myami and Courtney Blush for their time and effort on Trans Radio UK